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Training Location and Specification

  • All courses are in classroom.
  • Training can be adapted for students with specific learning needs. Adaptations can be made if this is know in advance.
  • Classroom will Not be covered by NESS.
  • Live training will be required for a few courses; Fall Protection Awareness, Man lift Awareness, Telehandler Awareness and Fire Extinguisher, etc. The rental location cost will be covered by NESS.
  • All courses are meeting or exceeding all Occupational Health and Safety Regulation of British Columbia. Some course will meet Canadian or international standard.

Student Take-Home

  • Personal Student Card will be provided. Certification is valid for 3 to 5 years depending on each course legislated requirement.
  • Student will receive a certification of completion when all courses outlined in the program are completed.
  • Student will receive a student handbook in some of the courses.

Course request

  • All courses have to be reserved in writing at least 15 days (2 weeks) in advance. The amount of students registered in each course can change without notice but not going below minimum requirement.
  • Any course not outlined in the previous table can be requested with advance notice.